I’m trying to give myself some breathing room for SDCC, which is… next week?! This is a little last minute, but I’m gonna try out taking on commissions. I’ll consider keeping it an ongoing thing, but for now I’ll just take in 8 slots. 8 sounds nice. It was a fun age.

$20 for B&W digital portrait
$25 for colored digital portrait
+$5 to add another person in there

Message or tweet @ me if you are interested
or email me at milkbarista(at)gmail(dot)com.

Give me any info you’d like; passions, tastes, moral alignment, D&D class. Otherwise I’ll figure that all out myself, which might be fun if you like surprises.

Posting this for the late night news club. Reblogging in the morning. If you know people who’d want one, please let ‘em know!



Cooking MAMA teaching you guys how to make golden apple curry!! If you’re a vegetarian you can totally just cut out the pork. You can even add shrimp at the end with the carrots. WEHH  It was really hard to explain without actual measurements. I… eyeball everything that I cook. 

I kinda want to do more recipe books with a bunch of different korean recipes. I hope you guys like this!! Let me know how they go!!! 

I’m also thinking of printing this into a little short zine! I’ll have at OTAKON ARTIST ALLEY  and I will add to my shop when the time come! <3